Welcome to the Rene' Racine web site.

    This site is dedicated to one of my best friends. I have known Rene' for... well, let's just say many years. We were kindred spirits and we  spent a lot of time together when ever we could.

    Rene' and I  worked in a few bands together, the most noteworthy of these bands being 'BOOTS'. We picked the name for a few different reasons. One of the reasons was that Rene' almost always had on one of her many pairs of leather boots. Another reason was that one of our biggest songs live was a cover of Nancy Sinatra's  "These Boots Are Made For Walking". I am afraid I am not at liberty to discuss the third reason for fear of an early death at the hands of Rene'.

    Rene' and I also collaborated on writing 5 original songs together. Rene' is a great singer and an excellent performer. I am looking forward to working with her again soon on one of her visits back to the APPLEWORKS.

    Please continue to browse this site to learn more about Rene'.

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